History of the Wheel of Fellowship Lodge

Our Lodge,the Wheel of Fellowship No.9016, was constituted in 1982 under charter from The United Grand Lodge of England. 

There were around thirty founders mainly from the Chelmsford/Maldon area. 

The Consecration, which took almost four hours was attended by a huge number of freemasons. The Lodge rooms at the County Hotel were full and overflowing. 
One of the founding members, Andrew Mapperson, was a steward at the Consecration. Andrew was one of the early participants in the Lodge as another member, Ron Duggan, knew him from Rotaract, as a Founder of Chelmer Bridge Rotary Club and also on Rotary District 1240 when Ron was aspiring to become District Governor. In 1989 Andrew was installed as Master by his father, who had been Master himself in the preceding year. 

Originally the Lodge met at the County Hotel in Chelmsford just four times a year. However, the Lodge soon had to ask Province for permission to hold a fifth meeting because there were so many potential new members wanting to join the Lodge.
The move from Chelmsford to Maldon was really the 'brain child' of  W.Bro Frank Horton, who was the founding Master and a very influential figure in local Masonry. He was always impeccably dressed ( not really surprising as he was the owner of the local menswear shop!). W.Bro Frank was also the instigator of presenting each candidate with a Bible at their initiation - introduced in the first year of his office and has continued ever since. The portrait of the Queen in Maldon Masonic Hall was also donated by Frank.

We had a traumatic period just after the turn of the century when membership numbers began to fall, due mainly to bereavements, and the future of the Lodge was in some doubt. Fortunately, the position improved when we relaxed the entry requirements and began admitting non Rotarians. That was around the time W.Bro Michael Lisamer and others joined our Lodge and soon after introduced a number of new members. Since then the Lodge has flourished.

We are a Patron of The Royal Masonic Institute For Boys, Grand Patron of The Essex Provincial Charity Fund, Essex Festival 200 Silver Award and Grand Patron of The Essex Grand Charity 2011.

Despite now living in Staffordshire W.Bro Andrew Mapperson somehow has managed to attend almost all Lodge meetings, even when there has been snow on the ground!

The Lodge meets every 1st Monday in February, April, June, September and November, at 18.00 at The Maldon Masonic Centre, Cromwell Hill, Maldon, Essex.

This is our very own Lodge emblem which was originally dreamt up by Andy Mapperson and Ron Duggan many years ago. Its meaning, as explained in the following paragraph, remains very poignant.


The emblem incorporates a wheel with seven spokes in the shape of a star.  The star has always been significant in a man’s aspiration from the beginning of time.  It has led men to that which they seek and been a source of consolation.  The star of Bethlehem and that bright morning star whose rising brings peace and salvation to the faithful and obedient of the human race are but two examples.  There are seven spokes in the wheel alluding to the seven liberal arts and sciences, seven years and upwards that King Solomon took to build, complete and dedicate the Temple of Jerusalem and the fact that seven or more Masons make a Lodge perfect.  The seven spokes also remind us that our obligations are not casual but apply to the seven days of the week, which when combined with the objects of Rotary, Round Table and Rotaract ensure we strive for the welfare of our fellow creatures.

Below shows all installed Masters of our Lodge from when it was first consecrated to the present day and is proudly mounted on the wall of our Lodge dining room.