Freemasonry - what is it all about?

Masonry brings together a body of men for the development of mutual intellectual, social and moral improvement. It doesn't recognise any distinction of religion and emphasises the importance of good citizenship. Religious and political discussion are not permitted in Lodge meetings.

The standards of joining are that a Candidate must be over 21 years of age and of good character. The Wheel of Fellowship Lodge welcomes enquiries from people who are interested in joining our Lodge. At the onset you will be invited to meet some of the more senior members of the Lodge for an informal discussion, allowing us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. This provides an opportunity to ask questions about Freemasonry and about the Wheel of Fellowship Lodge in particular. As with a country club or golf club, you will be asked to attend a formal interview. That will be a further opportunity for you to ask about Freemasonry and the Wheel of Fellowship Lodge in particular.

The Wheel of Fellowship Lodge meets five times a year on the first Monday of the months of February, April, June, September and November with most meetings starting at 6pm. An evening meal, known as the festive board, is held after each of the meetings. As with country clubs or golf clubs, we have to have an annual subscription to help contribute to the up keep of the masonic hall and other obligations. The annual subscription includes the costs of the evening meals at the five meetings.

Freemasonry uses allegory and symbols in traditional ceremonies that have been handed down over hundreds of years. New members are initiated into Freemasonry by the first of three degrees, and become what is known as an Entered Apprentice. Some time later the Entered Apprentice takes the second degree and becomes a Fellow Craft Freemason. Finally, when they have prepared themselves sufficiently they will take their third and final degree, to become a Master Mason.

Freemasonry has a serious side to it. We like to maintain those traditions by rehearsing them as often as we can in regular practice sessions we call Lodge of Instruction or Improvement (LOI). But we also have some fun along the way and we make friends with like minded people from all walks of life. Freemasonry doesn't recognise distinction of class. Freemasons are Brothers the world over all with a common aim, that of making society a better place to live in and helping people along the way by supporting a range of charities and other good causes.

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